[Android] Did you still using notifyDataSetChanged()?



  1. areItemsTheSame : Check whether two objects represent the same item. Commonly, check theire id equality. Check First. If this return value is false, list is flicking.
  2. areContentsTheSame : Check whether two items have the same data. If areItemsTheSame return is true, this method is called.
  1. DiffUtil.calculateDiff() : Calculate the list of update that can convert old to new one.
  2. dispatchUpdatesTo(adapter) : Share update event to adapter.
  • You must replace list to new one before calling dispatchUpdatesTo method. Like example, clear(); addAll()


  • DiffUtil.ItemCallback : Callback for calculating the diff between two non-null items in a list.
  1. submitList() : Pass a new List to the AdapterHelper. Adapter updates will be computed on a background thread.
  2. currentList : Check current list items.


  1. You don’t need to call getItemCount() override method anymore.
  2. You can call getItem(position).

Whey we need to use ListAdapter?

  • You can update changed items of the list easily.
  • You don’t need to care about thread.
  • Code is simple!




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Developer who love travel, beer, natural and music 🧡

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